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Whether you are in the midst of a job search or you are in the process of enhancing your career path, PMA is the executive search firm of choice.

PMA candidates are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. PMA will treat your information with complete confidentiality. Unlike other employment firms, your information is not just shot-gunned to any email address. We speak with you first before contacting companies about you. 

PMA works with hundreds of companies across the United States every month. When an opening is identified with a client company, it is   entered into the Job Center Database.

Unfortunately, a good number of openings   are not on the market that long. We fill them quick. So, even if you do not see an opening that fits your needs today, submit a resume to us anyway for us to keep on file. That way the next opening that does match with your background, you are one of the first to get the call.


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