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Join in our continuing mission: Consultants offering innovative employment solutions through professionalism, leadership, quality and education while honoring all commitments to our success.  


Become a Recruiter - Audio



By combining manuals, videos, audios, classroom, role-playing, self evaluating, live action, and one-on-one management training and support, YOU will be confidently be able to perform the skills of our profession to achieve maximum results

YOU will be Coached and Mentored by Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC), the highest designation in the recruiting profession (less than 4% of all recruiters in the United States are CPC’s). 

PMA invests over $40,000 in developing you to be a successful Sales Manager Trainer.

The program is designed to be completed within 12 weeks. The rate of advancement and growth is DICTATED BY YOU as opposed to the company.  

Your initial training consists of a three module program:

Client Development Module focuses on finding and generating long term relationships with existing clients and prospecting and identifying new clients for the company. How to take a client from "I need a person" to "I have hired a great candidate" and then building a long-term relationship for repeat business. You will learn presentations, how to handle objections, developing a business territory, negotiating fees and contracts, getting candidates hired and more. 

Recruiting Module In this module you will learn the process of marketing an opportunity to an applicant, qualifying their backgrounds, identifying strong candidates and scheduling them to be interviewed by PMA for your clients opening.

Candidate Development Module begins where the Recruiting Module ended. You’ll interview applicants, understand what they are looking for in a career and how to take them from “Thanks, but I am happy where I am” to “Wow, get me that opportunity!” You will develop the ability to guide, consult and direct candidates in obtaining and accepting career offers.


After completion of all three training modules, YOU will graduate the PMA Recruiter Training program.  Now you’ll be fine tuning your skills to become a Preferred Partner with ownership!  Building habits, enhancing client relationships, hiring and training employees and preparing for your own branch.   A benchmark timeframe to become a Preferred Partner is between nine and 18 months from your initial start date!

BENEFITS: We do offer a full range of company benefits for Full Time employees including Medical, Hospitalization, Dental, Vision, 401K, Profit Sharing, incentives, Vacation, Sick Leave, Seminars, etc.

PMA AUDIO: You can listen to an orientation audio becoming a PMA Recruiter. This will certainly help to answer alot of questions.


Once You Have Listened To The Audio, If you Are Interested In Joining

Our Awesome Team, Contact: Bill Lins, CPC 

At 770-916-1668

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