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Successful Interviewing TIPS

1. CONFIRM: Verify the time, date, and location of the interview.  Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive 15 minutes early to the interview.

2. PERSONAL APPEARANCE: Men’s hair should be perfectly trimmed & well groomed; women’s hair should be simple.  Wear conservative clothing in subdued colors.  Keep jewelry and/or make-up to a minimum.

3. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: YOU MUST HAVE AN EXTREME AMOUNT OF ENERGY!  Smile often!  Have a positive attitude / outlook on everything.  A firm handshake & eye-to-eye contact are a must!

4. THE INTERVIEW: BE FOCUSED!  Three items that you must convince an employer:

     A. Can you do the job?  B. Does your personality fit in with the personality of the company & position? (Management positions require a self-motivated, high-energy personality - A LEADER!). C. Will you be with the company long-term?

5. DOING THE JOB: Bring out to the employer at least FIVE points about yourself that you are proud of...i.e. your family; awards/achievements; how you may have increased profits/sales, etc.

6. PERSONALITY: Again, ENERGY IS EVERYTHING...also, ask questions about the employer. How long have you been with the company?  Why did you go to work for the company?  These questions make the interview more personal and, as a result, the interviewer can see your personality fitting in better with the company.

7. LONG TERM: You must convince the employer that you will be with the company for a long time. Questions such as, “If I give 110% effort & do an excellent job, where can I be with your company five years from now?”  Certainly go a long way in convincing the employer that YOU ARE FOCUSED, not just on today, but the future as well.  It also shows that the training the company will invest in you will be well worth it.

8. DO'S & DON'TS: DO ASK FOR THE POSITION AND BE CONFIDENT. Smile - often! Listen.  DON’T talk money/benefits (if you do, you’ll be convincing the employer that you are more interested in money vs. future advancement). DON’T talk negatively of current or past employers.

9. EMPLOYERS FAVORITE QUESTIONS: Tell me about yourself.  Why do you want to leave your present job?  What are your assets/liabilities?  Why should I hire you?  Your responses should be positively constructive, upbeat, short and to the point.





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