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Whether you are in the midst of a job search or you are in the process of enhancing your career path, PMA is the executive search firm of choice. We realize that long term relationships are essential to your future, our clients future and our future. PMA candidates are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. PMA will treat your information with complete confidentiality. Unlike other employment firms, your information is not just shot-gunned to any email address. We speak with you first before contacting companies about you. 

What Can You Expect After PMA Receives Your Resume

1.   When a resume is received via the PMA Website, it is uploaded into our Candidate Database.

2.   You might be contacted by a PMA Consultant to obtain some brief information to help us properly categorize your     resume.

3.   If there is not a match with any job openings in our database, PMA will not call you until there is a match.

4.   If there is a match in the database with any current job openings, a PMA Consultant will contact you by telephone about a specific career opportunity.

5.   The PMA Consultant will share with you a brief sketch of the career opportunity to determine your interest level and get your approval to present your background to the client company.

6.   If this is an opportunity that appeals to you, The PMA Consultant will arrange to do a more detailed goal-oriented interview with you to understand your exact needs, wants, career and personal goals for both today and in the future.

7.   PMA will match the client company to your needs and desires to make sure it is a good fit. If it is not a good fit, we do not believe in "putting a square peg in a round whole" and will recommend not pursuing the opportunity.  

8.   If the opportunity proves to be a good match, the PMA Consultant will present your information to the hiring authorities of our client company for consideration. 

9.   The PMA Consultant will contact you to inform you of the clients interest.

10. If the client has an interest in your background, we will contact you again to arrange an interview with the client.

11. Once an interview has been arranged, the PMA Consultant will advise with you on how to interview with that specific hiring authority. We want to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward and to help you gain a competitive advantage versus other candidates competing for the same position.

12. During the interview process, the PMA Consultant will convey feedback from the hiring authorities and advise you on each additional interview in the hiring process.

13. Your PMA Consultant will assist you with competitive marketplace advise for sensitive salary negotiations.

14. Once an offer has been extended and accepted by you, we will help advise and guide you through the resignation process.

15. Prior to starting your new career, the PMA Consultant will administer PMA's patented targeted career guidance program to help you get a faster start and be more successful in the early stages of your new career.

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