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A successful search requires information and communication. Comprehensive discussions with  Human  Resources  and  all of the hiring authorities should result  in a complete profile and job description plus the type of candidate required to  fill  that vacancy. A fee agreement or retainer, plus a time frame to complete the search assignment are discussed  and  agreed upon.  The primary objective of this review is to make sure we can be of  service and not waste your time....     or ours.

After receiving the entire search assignment details, we then research the area of the position  location,  the client’s  competition, and other marketplace variables. At this point, a market  researcher from PMA will begin to make recruiting calls to  every (Store Manager, District Manager, Director, etc) from the designated targets to determine  possibly  interested  candidates. The market researcher will  speak  with several hundred people. The name of  the  company  is  not given to  candidates at this stage, to protect the confidentiality of the client  from unqualified candidates. Once a  candidate expresses an interest, they are then qualified  to the specifications  given  by the client.  Only the top 10%of the potentially  interested candidates are forwarded for consideration. 

Once the candidates are deemed to be qualified, they are then scheduled for an interview with the PMA recruiter  who  works directly with the client.   At this stage,  an extensive  interview is performed.   This interview is  geared toward  understanding both the short  and long term goals of the candidate, in addition to their  qualifications. This enables us  to determine if the candidate is a good match both  now and for the future. We have determined this  helps create longer  retention with  the candidate’s PMA  places.

Once interviewed and determined to be a good match with the client, the recruiter then presents to the candidate  all  the details of the company, its position, and attempts to answer all questions. At this stage, we  send the candidate  home to discuss this information with their spouse, parents,  boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. PMA  then interviews their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. We want to make sure there aren’t any problems with any of the parameters of the position (example: hours, relocation, location, benefits, etc). We even discuss childcare arrangements where needed to make  sure everything is covered.

If the candidate is heavily interested, they are then rescheduled with the PMA recruiter who works directly with the client. At this point, the recruiter will re-interview  the candidate covering any questions they may have and any points that  need clarifying. We now do a Counter-Offer Interview. The PMA recruiter will determine the candidate’s commitment level before arranging an interview with the client. Our goal is to only send candidates for the clients to interview, who are  committed to working for the client if they are fortunate enough to get an offer. This saves the  client time  by only interviewing applicants committed to their position.

Now we call the client and arrange interviews based on our processing agreements  with the client.  We confirm the  candidates the morning of their interviews.  We speak with them directly after the interview  to have immediate feedback  available for the client.   This enables the client  to know the candidate’s thoughts on the  interview, company, and position.  The client will know which candidate wants to work for them in advance.   Immediately before the client extends an offer, the recruiter will recover counter‑ offer information and pre‑close the candidate on acceptance to make sure an offer of employment is not going to be shopped around the marketplace.

After a candidate has been hired, and before they start, the recruiter will administer  targeted career guidance,  with  emphasis on professional growth, in the client’s  organization. This enables the client  to profit in the shortest time  from their selection. We have determined this process also greatly enhances retention.  PMA will also walk the  candidate through their resignation, any counter‑offers, and relocation issues.

Last year, PMA made over 73,000 recruiting calls in the United States alone.   We interviewed over 9,000 managers  in the retail, restaurant, and service industries.


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