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Personalized Management Associates Provides Various Seminars And Workshops. Below Are Just A Few.

Talent Acquisition InterviewsDirect Candidate Sourcing

Networking Like A ProVisible Indentity

Overachieve Without Over Committing











Talent Acquisition Interviews

Surveys have shown that 73% of companies do not have a formal training program for interviewing for District and General Managers. Most have been trained by their predecessor with what they used to do. A small percentage understand behavior pattern interviews. But very few understand an "Acquisition Interview."

In today's market where a good candidate can field multiple offers, how do you make sure you get the candidate you want?

PMA conducts workshops on Acquisition Interviewing skill sets to better enable you to beat out the competition. This is not a replacement to your traditional interviews, but an enhancement to help to make sure you acquire the talent you want.  

In this quick paced and interactive workshop, PMA leverage's their 20+ years each of cutting edge interview training experience show you how to:

  • Discover the three areas in an interview that WOW's the candidate.

  • Complete an acquisition interview and know what the candidate wants and will accept today.

  • Learn how to avoid the single biggest mistake today's interviewer's make that prevents them from getting the candidates they really want.

  • Learn how to strike a balance between aggressively beating the competition to the candidate and avoiding the perception of being to forceful or too "salesy".

  • Unlock the single biggest buying motive a candidate craves.


For More Information or Questions Concerning a PMA Workshop On Talent Acquisition Interviews, Please Contact The

PMA OFFICE Of Your Choice.
















Direct Candidate Sourcing

In today's labor market, the traditional methods of sourcing talent are no longer as effective as they used to be. Talking directly to your competitors talent is the best source of candidates. PMA has pioneered a training seminar on direct recruiting as a source for talent flow. Engage PMA in a whirlwind workshop enabling you to:

  • Learn three surefire opening techniques that grab the candidates attention no matter what is happening around them.

  • Understand the metric involved and how to manage them to successfully generate a continuous flow of candidates.

  • Discover the secrets to accessing your competition's best talent.

  • Get your voice mails returned right away.

  • Unlock the secrets to easily handling recruiting objections.

  • Secrets to dealing with call reluctance.


For More Information or Questions Concerning a PMA Workshop On Direct Candidate Sourcing, Please Contact The

PMA OFFICE Of Your Choice.
















Networking Like A Pro

Turn the contacts you get into the connections you need. Generate a higher candidate referral rate for your recruiting/sourcing needs.  In this highly interactive workshop, speaker Brian Hilliard leverages hi years of networking experience into an actionable framework that people can use right away. This workshop will enable participants to:

  • Discover three surefire questions to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Double your professional contact base with one easy step.

  • Develop a rock solid Networking Strategy for meeting the "right" prospects.

  • Secure quality business contacts through our unique Focused Attention technique.

  • Get more referrals from everyone you meet.

  • Keep a conversation going long after they have run out of things to say.

  • How to network during non-networking situations.

  • Get your business card to the top of the stack.

For more information or questions concerning a PMA workshop on Networking Like a Pro:

   Information, Questions Or Order A Workshop
















Creating A Visible Identity

Create a framework that will enabled you to stand out in a highly competitive environment.  I call it a Visible Identity, and quite simply, how can you differentiate yourself…in the mind of that other person…from the other 5 people he or she has already met?

I mean let’s face it, people meet people all the time.  And unless you’re creating a Visible Identity and standing out from the crowd, then you’re just getting lumped in with all of the other “people” that prospect met.

Join popular speaker and author Brian Hilliard as he leverages his years of networking and marketing experience into an actionable framework you can use right now! In this highly interactive session, participants will learn how to:

  • Create a Visible Identity with everyone you meet.

  • Learn how the 12 x 12 x12 rule can help manage the perception others have of you.

  • Learn how the 12 x 12 x12 rule can help increase the number of referrals you get.

  • Discover three surefire ways to stand out from the crowd.

  • Learn how to alter your own verbal communication style to the one that is most effective for the recipient. 

For more information or questions concerning a PMA workshop on Visible Identity:

   Information, Questions Or Order A Workshop
















How To Overachieve Without Over Committing

Have you ever felt like life was spinning out of control. Like you have so much going on that you re not sure where to start, much less how to get it all done? Say no more as motivational speaker Brian Hilliard shows participants how to deal with the tons of responsibilities at work without killing themselves in the process. This workshop will enable participants to:

  • Discover three surefire ways to manage their energy and not their time.

  • Focus in the areas most meaningful to them.

  • Avoid the single biggest mistake most Overachievers make.

  • Find out three easy ways to "turn it off" after a long hard day.

  • Discover some advanced goal setting and task management techniques to help people execute in the areas most critical to them.

  • Learn the one easy question to help you get more stuff done!

  • Discover how to unlock your true hidden potential in one easy step.

  • Squeeze an "extra" two hours out of your week, and then learn how to best use them.

  • Discover how to squeeze the most out of an already swamped day.

For more information or questions concerning a PMA workshop on How To Overachieve Without Over Committing:

Information, Questions Or Order A Workshop




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