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Join in our continuing mission:
Consultants offering innovative employment solutions through professionalism, leadership, quality and education while honoring all commitments to our success.  

Companies hire us to help them find management talent across the USA. As a recruiter, you will learn how to attract top talent for major organizations, how to teach them to get the job, how to process applicants and close them on opportunities, and how to get commitments and develop long-term relationships with clients. We do all of this mostly through the telephone. 


You begin PMA University with a three module training program that is recognized industry wide.  The training is a self paced 3-module program. It combines manuals, video, audio, role-play, testing and live action so you perform the skills as you learn them. The program is designed to be completed in between 4 and 12 weeks. The rate of progression is really up to you. You are accountable for your pace throughout the training program.

Module One-Recruiting: In this module you will learn the process of marketing an opportunity to an applicant, qualifying their backgrounds, identifying strong candidates and scheduling them to be interviewed by PMA.

Module two can be either Candidate Development or Client Development. We look for your strengths and comfort levels in determining which module is second.

Module Two-Candidate Development: begins where the Recruiting module left off. You interview applicants, learn to understand what they are looking for in a career and how to take them from “Thanks, but I am happy where I am” to “Wow, get me that opportunity!” You will develop the ability to guide, consult and direct candidates in getting and accepting career offers.

Module Three-Client Development: develops you on developing long term relationships with existing clients and prospecting and identifying new clients for the company. How to take a client from I need a person to I have hired a great candidate and then building a long-term relationship for repeat business.


After completing all three training modules, you graduate PMA Recruiter Training, become a Senior Recruiter and are well on your way in an exciting, fast paced career. Promote into management and supervise other Recruiters. You will learn the functions of a Sales Manager. To recruit, select, train and motivate while producing sales on your desk. Your passion and continued desire for learning can elevate you to Branch Manager, Operating Partner and actually own a business with us or even having your own franchise!


You hours of operation are typically 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Although, if you are behind schedule, you do what is necessary to catch up. Dress code is business.

For Opportunities to become a PMA Recruiter,

Contact Our Offices individually.



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