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Below you will find a few of the testimonials from companies who have used PMA either for staffing their companies growth in new units or when they couldn't afford to make a hiring mistake. These are just a few of the many companies helped each year by Personalized Management Associates. Many of them felt like you prior to using PMA. 

“During the past 4 years, I was responsible for hiring operations management personnel for my company. Throughout those four years, there was one company whom I could rely on to provide me with the quality candidates that I needed. That is the PMA Team. The PMA Team are genuine professionals and the best recruiters that have ever done searches for me. They will study their clients business, culture and needs, and will only present candidates that are truly worth an interview. Most of the time, more than one of their candidates are excellent for the available position, and the difficulty is simply choosing the best out of 2 or three choices. This type of recruiting is a remarkable and refreshing exception compared to my experiences with other agencies and firms in the recruiting business. Because PMA candidates will match so well to your needs, it is very likely that your employee turnover will significantly decrease. I highly recommend PMA to any employer that needs assistance in their recruiting efforts.”

 Director of Human Resources, National Casual Dining Chain



“PMA has had a relationship with our company since 1985. As recruiters, they have supplied numerous management candidates to my company. They have always been very professional and timely with our people needs. I have had dealings with many other recruiting companies over my years with my company, and PMA has always been number one year after year. Since 1990, I have refused to do business with anyone else.”

Director Operations, National Specialty Retail Chain



“I am writing to inform you of the excellent service provided to my company by the PMA. The PMA Team is the epitome of professionalism and courteousness.

PMA has virtually “turned on a dime” for my company. The nature of our business requires swift action to fill vacancies with very little notice, therefore allowing virtually no lead time to source candidates. PMA has always put my company first, throwing full support of all of their staff to filling those critical positions with qualified, thoroughly screened applicants. Their strong understanding of our required skill-sets and “gut instinct” for the right fit are added pluses both for us and the candidates.

When recommending a search firm to colleagues, companies and friends, I have no hesitation in recommending PMA.”

Director of Recruiting, National Big Box Retail Chain



“I was impressed with the exceptional quality of all the candidates presented by PMA. “

VP International Communications Company



“Prior to using PMA, our General Manager turnover was a little over 50%. Since using PMA, our turnover has dropped to 8%”

VPHR, Top 50 Restaurant Company


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