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Linking to Personalized Management Associates provides your users with an opportunity to access the oldest and largest executive search firm in the country specializing in hospitality, restaurant and retail management. Whether your user is a company looking to either acquire or retain top talent or your user is a candidate seeking career guidance or opportunities, linking to Personalized Management Associates will help them.

It is not necessary to inform us if you are linking to Personalized Management Associates; however, if you're planning to link extensively to Personalized Management Associates, it wouldn't hurt to send us a message. There are a variety of methods of linking to Personalized Management Associates:

Linking to our Home Pages
Please feel free to link to Personalized Management Associates using either the following information or through our GRAPHICS:

Official Name: Personalized Management Associates-Atlanta
Description: Executive Management Talent Acquisition                  

How to Input: Copy and Paste this into the html code <ahref=”http://www.pmasearch.com/atlanta”> Personalized Management Associates - Atlanta Office</a>


You may also use the following graphics in order to link to our home page. To save these images, simply right-click your mouse over the desired image and select "Save Picture As...".: or right-click your mouse over the desired image and select copy. The choose the area on your website where you want our link to go and "paste".






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