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Salary SurveysMarket Status ReportsWorkplace Surveys

When new hire fallout is caused by another employer's counteroffer, don't blame the candidate or the rival employer. Blame yourself for failing to make a market aware offer.

Always study the employment marketplace in advance to make sure you are competitive. Know your competition and know where you are strong and not strong. 


















Salary Surveys From Your Key Competitors: Know what your competition is paying. Are you competitive in today's marketplace? Is my offer competitive? Let PMA's Salary Survey help guide you.            

SALARY SURVEY     00/00/000  
Client: XYZ Company City: Any City, USA  
          Years In
Company Title Base Bonus Volume Postion
Company A GM $43,000 $5,500 $1,000,000 2.00
Company A GM $47,000 $6,500 $1,300,000 3.00
Company A GM $55,000 $7,100 $2,400,000 5.00
Company B GM $39,000 $5,500 $1,100,000 2.50
Company B GM $41,500 $4,000 $1,100,000 1.50
Company B GM $44,000 $3,500 $1,300,000 2.00
Company B GM $46,700 $4,800 $1,400,000 4.00
Company C GM $41,000 $4,400 $1,000,000 3.50
Company C GM $48,000 $6,500 $1,500,000 4.50
Company D GM $51,500 $7,500 $2,000,000 6.00
Company D GM $52,500 $8,000 $2,400,000 6.00
Company E GM $48,900 $7,300 $1,600,000 5.50
Company E GM $44,000 $7,000 $1,400,000 5.00
Company F GM $51,500 $5,500 $2,100,000 8.00
Company F GM $48,750 $5,250 $1,600,000 6.00
Company G GM $49,000 $6,600 $1,500,000 6.50
Company G GM $53,000 $7,800 $2,200,000 8.50
Company H GM $46,600 $6,000 $1,750,000 6.00
Company H GM $47,000 $4,000 $1,450,000 5.50
Averages   $47,261 $5,934 $1,584,211 4.8

From this information you can conclude: In the city of your opening, the average General Manager is making a salary base of $47,261, average bonus of $5,934, 4.8 years in position and an average sales volume of $1,584,211.

Plus you know exactly what your competition is paying which will help you to either make a competitive offer for new talent or to be able to fight to keep your current talent.













PMA Market Status Reports: How do your job specifications match up with your marketplace. How many candidates that match your requirements exist in your marketplace or the city of your needs? The PMA Market Status Report can tell you.

The PMA Market Status Report takes your hiring requirements and gives your real Time information on a specific city or marketplace. It generates a cross section of what exists in your marketplace. Lets look at  the example below. You request a cross section of 100 managers. your hiring specifications are: General Manager at least 2 years, Sales volume exceeding $900K, No more than 3 jobs in 5 years, Salary base not to exceed $42K, Good success path in career, etc. This is a cross section of what we found in your marketplace. It helps to measure salaries, tenure, complacency, talent levels, etc. What is happening in your marketplace?

# % Market Search Breakdown    
100   Total Candidates Contacted and Interviewed Hours  Invested
    20 at 4 per hour
12 12.00% Not Qualified: More Than Three Jobs in Five Years    
35 35.00% Not Qualified: Salaries Higher Than Specifications Given ($42K)  
9 9.00% Not Qualified: Time in Position (Less Than 2 years as GM)    
9 9.00% Not Qualified: Lack of Success Path in Career/Going Backwards  
11 11.00% Not Qualified: Sales Volume Under $900    
5 5.00% Not Qualified: Lack of Energy/Enthusiasm    
7 7.00% Not Qualified: would Take a Counter Offer    
12 12.00% Meets All Specifications    

Okay, the PMA Market Status Report shows that out of 100 General Managers contacted, 12 met all of the employers hiring specifications. Drilling down a little further the report concludes 35% of the General Managers interviewed were making more money than what the employer paid. A good idea might be to also order a Salary Survey for this specific area and see how close or how far off on salary you are. There is also a warning sign that your current talent might be susceptible to your competition due to underpaying salaries in the market.

Competitive Intelligence like this can save you a tremendous amount of money!




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